A-Rod, the MLB Network and Orioles Quick Hits

There’s not much Oriole related news today, so I’m going to chat about Alex Rodriguez today.

First off, I am not shocked by the news that came out yesterday considering the rumors that have gone around the past several years, plus his physique change in that period. Second, considering the context of the last two decades — highlighted by the Mitchell Report, Jose Canseco’s book, and other expose articles — it looks like players of all skillsets, shapes and sizes partook in drug use. Rodriguez wanted to get ahead — despite he already being one of the elite in the game — just like most players, but he got caught cheating and he’ll pay the price.

I’ll be curious to see and hear Rodriguez’s reaction to the whole spectacle; however, I expect him to go on like nothing happened and perform as usual. He’s taken the hits in New York City, and he’ll hear it from fans and the media alike, but Rodriguez I’m sure will be indifferent to the attention.

In addition to what I’ve said, I watched some of the MLB Network’s coverage and in the first huge story that perhaps has broken during their inception. In the end, it looks they are not going to be a mouthpiece for the sport and take on the powers that be along with their star athletes. The panel did an excellent job discussing the whole issue, and Bob Costas showed why he’s so highly regarded as he grilled Selena Roberts — one of the two writers of the A-Rod piece — and also ripped the baseball hierarchy.

The first chapter is being written in this book, so we have to stay tuned and see what happens from here.

Orioles Quick Hits: