2009 Is Upon Us…

Happy New Year, and let’s hope as we start off, it won’t the same as the last.

There does not seem to still be going much on with the Orioles or signings in Major League Baseball; however, the Big Unit is now in San Francisco and may perhaps be the least 300 game winner for a long while if he can stay healthy.

Well, what do I hope for with the Orioles in the new year? Um, perhaps a few more wins for starters; however, being in the AL East and the shape the team is in versus the rest of the division, that’s a tall order.

The money that was going for Mark Teixeira should be spent on pitching, not put away for another day. If we are going after reclamation projects — find a diamond in the rough like the Kyle Lohse of 2008 — not necessarily the Mark Hendrickson’s of the world (though they have a need). Then again, bring bodies — lots of ’em — as evidened by last year, you can never have enough arms.

As well, if we’re going to use the young pitching on the farm — bring them up as needed — don’t rush them and throw them to the wolves.

Garrett, Radhames, Brian Burres, you all can be decent Major League pitchers, buy stay focused on the mound.

B-Rob, I hope you stay, but can understand if you want to go. Nick, keep doing your thing; Adam I hope to see you grow even more as a player; Aubrey and Melvin, hopefully time doesn’t catch up with you both; oh, and Kevin, if you come back to the Orioles — you’re a good guy who we appreciate as fans, but you might have to take a reduced role; Cesar, just be better than the other guys we have had at short; Matt, we await your arrival.

You all do your best for Trembley — he seems to be a decent guy who deserves a shot to stick around for a while.

Andy, keep rebuilding the Baltimore Orioles and cross your fingers that the talent we are accumulating can produce and bring a Grade A team back to the region.

If not, you’ll feel the wrath of those of us who still care.