Introduction to seismology

Everyone that follows major league baseball woke up this morning and felt it. The rumbling through the baseball world as Red Sox GM Ben Cherrington executed quite possibly the biggest trade of a generation. The Red Sox sent Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto to the Dodgers in exchange for James Loney […]

Just keep winning

That is all the Orioles need to do, it is what they have to do, and it is what they are doing. The need to keep winning to inch ever closer to that magic number 82. After today’s come-from-behind victory, and series win, in Detroit the Orioles sit at 66-55 a mere 16 games under […]

O Captain, my Captain!

Adam Jones, Matt Wieters, Nick Markakis, Jim Johnson, Pedro Strop, Jason Hammel, Wei Yin Chen – all have been essential to the Orioles’ success this year but as of right now, to this blogger, the most important Oriole is one William Nathaniel Showalter. Honestly, has there been one person that is more responsible for the […]

Welcome to the Playoff Race

Baltimore Orioles 2012 – Welcome to the Playoff Race from James Baker on Vimeo.   A little diversion to celebrate an amazing summer thus far. Go birds!

Shadows of the recent past: Part three

On the precipice of redemption. Yesterday the Orioles reached somewhat of a milestone. The Orioles won their 61st game on August 10. In 2005 the Orioles were mired in a horrific tailspin at this point in the season and had to fight back to get to 60 wins on August 17, game 120. In 2005 […]

Manny Machado arrives

Today begins a new era for the Baltimore Orioles. This evening Manny Machado will start third base and bat ninth for the Birds. If you stayed up late last night the word rang out through the twitter-verse and frankly I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t believe it at first. After reading this story earlier this […]

Beating Pythagoras

The Baltimore Orioles have been confounding sabermetricians and national pundits all year. The Orioles currently sit eight games over .500 and tied for the second wild card spot even though they have been outscored this year. And not just outscored, but outscored badly. The Orioles current run differential is currently -54 (455-509), that is awful. […]

The door is open

Will the Orioles walk through it. Let’s face it, when you look at the numbers the Orioles probably don’t belong where they are right now. There are a million reasons why the Orioles should not be here, yet they are four games over .500 and sit a mere 1.5 games back in the wild card. […]

50 wins

The Orioles recorded their 50th win yesterday with a win over the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field. The Birds did not record their 50th win until August 24th last year. This is the earliest the Orioles have won 50 games since the still haunting 2005 season. That win came against the Minnesota Twins, and was […]

Looking forward

The All star Break is upon us and the Orioles are currently sitting five games over .500, bunched with the non-New York teams in the AL East. The first half of the Orioles’ season has outperformed everyone’s wildest expectations and the team has some very serious, and very important decisions to make. General Manager Dan […]

The State of the Orioles Address 2012

Before today’s game the Orioles GM Dan Duquette joined manager Buck Showalter for a Q+A session with season ticket plan holders. The session started 15 minutes before five under a simply gorgeous summer sky here in Baltimore. Jim Hunter, as usual, emceed the event wich took place on top of the thirdbase dugout. Duquette took […]

Shadows of the recent past: Part II

Redemption at the End of the World I am not a conspiracy theorist. There are no secret organizations controlling the world, Oswald killed Kennedy, 9/11 was NOT an inside job and the Freemasons are little more than a group of middle-aged guys drinking beer in a fancy basement. The world is random, and humans don’t […]

Shadows of the recent past

2005. Million Dollar Baby won Best Picutre. “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson was the year’s top song on the Billboard Hot 100. Hurricaine Katrina made landfall at New Orleans in August. Pope John Paul II dies, Pope Benedict XVI succeeds him. All of these things, and countless other events mark 2005 but for […]

Brian Roberts returns

On Wednesday Brian Roberts completed a long road back from injury making his first start with the Orioles since May 16, 2011. I never thought I would be writing those words this year. I honestly doubted I would ever write those words again. Brian Roberts’ recovery was so long and his body seemed so delicate […]

Baltimore takes the series, Roberts coming back

The Orioles walked-off with back-to-back extra-inning wins against the Philadelphia Phillies before sell-out, mostly Phillies, crowds. Yesterday beleaguered Orioles starter Tommy hunter came through with a workman-like seven inning no-decision before Adam Jones silenced the legion of Phillies fans with a two-run homer in the bottom of the twelfth. Today, Jason Hammel overcame a near […]