Facebook Has Been a Blessing

Author: Joseph Sandoval

When Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook to the world, I had no idea what social media was and did not care to know about it.

Now, I am hooked. And what is really spectacular about this simple outreach media that was invented for the sole purpose of allowing students to connect across a large college campus, is what is has done for my seventy-six year old mother. My mom is in the house all day every day.

She gets out occasionally to attend a garden club meeting, or enjoy lunch with a friend. But for the most part, she walks around her house, watches television, or enjoys the few things she knows how to do on the internet.

When I realized that Facebook was something that would improve her quality of life, I looked at satellite star interent.com to see if internet was available to her. When I discovered it was, we had it connected, got her a computer and showed her Facebook. It has been a real blessing for her because she keeps up with family and sees their current pictures and she feels connected to them.