WWE Wrestler Chris Jericho Gets in an Altercation With Fans; R&B Singer Chris Brown Is A Punk For Alledly Striking His Girlfriend, Rihanna..

If you’re at work or are around young kids, you may want to wait to see this. The video you’re seeing is a tad unbelievable as WWE wrestler Chris Jericho gets involved in altercation with two fans — a female, and a male.
He was leaving the arena following a WWE show in Victoria, British Columbia over the weekend, and a group of fans accost the wrestler by surrounding his SUV. Moments later, a female fan spat on him while he was getting into his SUV, which provoked an angry Jericho to strike at the girl and knock her to the ground. At that point, a man in the crowd rushes in to attack Jericho, but he shoves him away. It then turns into a melee, and Jericho can he heard scolding security to do their job and let him go along his way.
Jericho may have been provoked in taking action; however, there’s no excuse to hit a woman, and as a pro wrestler, one would have thought he would know better and act with some caution.
As well, over the weekend, singer Chris Brown allegedly struck his girlfriend, pop star Rihanna several times & allegedly and the injuries were severe — two “huge contusions” which swelled up on both sides of her forehead, along with a bloody nose and several bruises according to TMZ and several other blogs. This all happened before last night’s Grammy Awards.
This is disturbing, and if true, he should be locked up and the key should be thrown away.