This Whole A-Rod/Biogenesis case is a mess…

Finally, this whole A-Rod/Alex Rodriguez-Biogenesis scandal with Major League Baseball?

Good lord.

Could this be any more bizarre? It’s just a sad story about a man – insecure, narcissistic at worst – who had everything in the world: talent, skill and an incredibly lucrative career. He's in a world of hurt and will need a drugs possession lawyer in Santa Barbara, or better yet a team of lawyers, professionals and the whole nine yards in his PED/drug case.

Now he is seeing his legacy tarnished because of some chemical help and perhaps his own ego. A-Rod seems to have it all, but yet … seems to have nothing.

He really probably just wants his money that is left on his sick contract. That’s what this whole charade is about.

Close to $100 million.

The sad thing is … that A-Rod probably didn’t need to do all of this. Like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and a litany of others. He’s not the only ‘cheater’ in this whole saga or in sports … but perhaps the biggest name.

He’s not doubt being singled out by MLB commissioner Bud Selig and the powers-that-be in baseball; however, A-Rod has what is coming to him.

He will be punished and done so in a severe fashion.

I’m not sure if he is delusional or intentionally behaving in a certain way, but I’m just shaking my head following this story. He does not seem to be comfortable in his own skin, and in a way … like an actor.

Not only is this saga huge in the world of baseball, but is grabbing headlines all over the country.  

It’s just crazy.

The end is near for Rodriguez, and it is going to be very, very ugly.