Perception Is Reality…

The winter meetings have come and gone. Well, the general consensus among fans, the media, and whoever cares is this: the Orioles have done little to nothing of note so far in the offseason.

Granted, there is still time left before spring training for the Orioles to make a move and improve the roster, but they look stuck in neutral.

They are rumored to be in on Grant Balfour – Oakland’s former closer – and kicking the tires on Nelson Cruz and Shin-Soo Choo, but nothing is eminent as of yet.

The Orioles have not spent much on the free agent market and have made little moves here and there to improve the roster. I would have thought after two successful seasons that they would have tried to make a splash to not only improve the team, but to also energize the fans.

I’m wondering if the Orioles have the money?

If so, why are they not spending it? Could they be saving money for a few years down the road with arbitration cases? Or could it all be for an extension for Chris Davis, Matt Wieters or both?

Whatever is going on, the Orioles need to do something.

Honestly, they need a left fielder, probably another power bat in the lineup, and another pitcher – perhaps a number two starter.

The Orioles have the pieces to compete, but will need a bit more to become an elite team.

Maybe in the next few weeks, the roster will improve and things will begin to take shape.