Moves Made so Far…

In life, perception sometimes is often reality. Well, with the flurry of activity during last week in the sport, the Baltimore Orioles were fairly quiet aside from a few small, under-the-radar deals.

For a contender, the Orioles have been sitting on the sidelines, while their rivals in the division – the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox – are finding ways to retool and improve their squads. While fans are still smarting over the Jim Johnson trade, why does it appear that the more things change with the Orioles, the more they stay the same?

Fans saw the useful Nate McLouth sign with the Washington Nationals down the parkway; meanwhile, pitcher Scott Feldman took a three-year deal with an awful Houston Astros organization. The Baltimore Sun reported that the Orioles were quiet in the pursuit of both men, so they opted to go elsewhere.

The organization had their reasons perhaps in not signing the two players and jettisoning Johnson, but so far, they have done little to nothing to fill in those holes.

Are the Orioles trying to build from within with talent available to fill spots, or is something brewing? Are they going cheap? Do they not like what is on the market?

I guess many of us are asking what the hell is going on with the Orioles?

With the Winter Meetings next week, let’s hope that the organization has something up their sleeve with a signing or two, the Rule 5 draft, or trades. The offseason is still a long way from being over; however, with noteworthy names being picked off seemingly in rapid fashion, the Birds have to do something.

Sadly, I don’t think they will do much. Perhaps the Orioles are looking for a diamond-in-the-rough type of guy who is low-risk, but high reward.

Instead of shopping at let’s say Barney’s for Christmas gifts, the Orioles are shopping at Target.

I would have assumed that the franchise’s success the last two years would spur them to be more active and aggressive with getting talent. They have a window right now to complete, and if it closes, as we have seen, it may be a long time before it opens again.