Life, Interrupted.

For millions of people, life these days can be hard depending on where your 401K and investments stands, along with whether you still have a job or not.

Well, for me, the reality that many face in these scary times came down crashing on me as I told was told in a conference call with my boss and a few executive level people that my salary would be slashed.

To add insult to injury — I will not be eligible for a raise in 2009.

Then again, some would say to me, “why should I complain” — you have an excellent job, still getting fairly good pay, no kids, and all that jazz. To a certain extent, I should be so-called “thankful”; however, I’m getting less than we used to for doing the same work and I’m having a hard time reconciling that.

However, I could be out the door in about six months and on the unemployment line if the worst happens, or if I can’t find another job? Maybe sooner?

Right now, while I’m taking a sizable hit in a salary — if I elect to stay at my job — therefore, I’ll still renew my season ticket packages that I hold with the Orioles and other teams I watch during the year. I’ll probably cut down on travel, vacation, extra stuff I really don’t need, road trips, or not go to that many extra games outside of my plan, or may cut back until I figure out how I am affected by the economic meltdown. Do I put off buying a new car for yet another year, do I save even more money, do I not eat out as much, or not buy the nice shirt?

That being said, what does the market mean for sports in general?

It looks like the vast majority of teams like the Orioles and Red Sox have kept prices the same as the previously; meanwhile, a few teams like the Phillies, Rays and Yankees have jacked up their prices.

Will they try to take advantage of fans, or will there even be more bargain nights, sales, and concessions for families who want to see games?

I’m sure others might not renew their season ticket packages, may just stay home from now on, or not buy much or any merchandise at all.

In the end, I really wonder how big time sports will really be affected. I wonder if they will truly cater to fans who root ardently for their favorite team, but yet might be pinched financially. Times are changing, and I’m sure teams are taking notice.

What they do with that fact is up in the air.