Hayden Penn out of the Baltimore Organization; Andino an Oriole…

The big news from yesterday — perhaps minor in the wide of scheme of things — is that formerly prized prospect, Hayden Penn was traded to the Florida Marlins for infielder Robert Andino.

What’s the big deal with Andino? Not much. He’s simply a nice, slick fielding fielder who’s your typical ‘all glove, no bat’ type of guy. Obviously with Hanley Ramirez at shortstop and Dan Uggla at second, he would seldom find himself on the field; plus, he’s also out of minor league options. As a result of the trade, veteran Chris Gomez was released, and he’s not done much with bat in Grapefruit League action; furthermore, the move all but signifies that the Orioles are indeed getting younger and trying to find players who fit in the general plan.

Hayden Penn, for all intensive purposes, worked himself out of the organization. He seemingly was given all the chances in the world to make it on the big league roster and for one reason or another — injury, immaturity, or lack of success on the mound — he could never hack it in Baltimore.

Since Penn was out of options, ineffective in camp, and dismissed as a potential starter, I figured he was not going to be an Oriole for long. Penn could still make it as a major leaguer, as he is still fairly young at 24, and he’s going to an organization — Florida — which has done wonders with young prospects. Furthermore, he will be reunited with Mark Wiley, a former Oriole pitching coach, so he might find his way back.