Adam Dunn

Right now, while the big lynch pin on the market – Mark Teixeira – decides on a new home or stays perhaps with the Angels, Birdland might as well start looking at Plan B just in case Plan A fails.

In a very quiet Hot Stove season, Adam Dunn’s name has not been mentioned much aside from the media in Washington (lest we forget, he’s very much admired by Nationals’ GM Jim Bowden from their days in Cincinnati).

In case Baltimore does not get Teixeira and they still have a few bucks in the bank they want to spend, why not on Adam Dunn?

He would not be my first choice – he’s better than Giambi, and far superior to Millar, but he could be a suitable bat in the heart of lineup who could strike fear into opposing pitchers.

From the Washington Post’s Tom Boswell (his piece is more focused on the Nationals, but here’s a snippet…

…The market for Diamondbacks left fielder Adam Dunn has shriveled along with the economy. Once thought to be a $15-million-a-year player, despite his weak defense and plentiful strikeouts, Dunn (29) may eventually be available for a few years at $10-million-per or even less.

Dunn has had five straight seasons of forty home run seasons – 46 in ’04 and 40 from 05-08 – and carries a career on-base percentage of .381; sadly, he leaves nothing to be desired in the field (he can play first or one of the corner positions) — but Baltimore could use his power.

The big slugger’s real big downside – his career batting average of .247 – and his propensity to whiff (he had 164 strikeouts in ’08); however, his bat could be one of incredible value in the Oriole lineup – especially with the right field wall that’s ever so inviting.

He’s one-dimensional, ala Dave Kingman – with a better batting eye; however, but he’s only 29, and could come far cheaper than Teixeira. I don’t know if I would allow him to put on a fielding glove (let Huff hold the fort at first), but the big man could be formidable in the Baltimore lineup.