Ben Sheets, Random Thoughts, Quick Hits & Around the Blogosphere…

Today, Peter Schmuck on his blog does a great job of pointing out the pros and cons of signing Ben Sheets to a contract with the Orioles.

Here’s a bit of what he says towards the end of his post:

Now, I realize that it’s not your concern whether the Orioles cough up $20 million or so on a dare, but I’d like you to try to imagine the reaction they would get if they sign Sheets and he undergoes elbow surgery in May and is lost for 1 1/2 of those two seasons. I’m pretty sure a lot of the same people who think he’s such an obvious choice would be lining up to blast the O’s for another brainless, short-sighted move.

In a previous post, I said that think the Orioles should take a flier on Sheets, considering it is now a buyers market and pitching is available for it seems wholesale pricing. At face value, he would make the squad better and Baltimore would have a legitimate ace. When healthy, Sheets is as good on the mound compared to anyone in baseball.

Alas – the injury bug is a huge, huge concern, and Peter is right about the natives going crazy and criticizing the team right and left. However, despite the injury concern – if the price is right, take a chance. It would show those on the national stage that the Orioles are committed to improvement.