Baseball and Life Journeys: A Trip to New York City, Citi Field, Giants vs. Mets, and Tommy Lasorda

Last weekend, I went up to New York City to not only visit friends, but also to venture of the greatest cities on earth, check out old hangouts and take in the ambiance of it.

I had been there for a concert, and never a ball game until Friday. Yes, Citi Field is beautiful — amazingly so. I’d rank it above Yankee Stadium in terms of the New York ballparks; however, since it is built in an industrial there’s nothing at all to do in the vicinity of Citi Field. That was a major downside.

Anyhow, on Friday night, I caught the Giants and Mets at CitiField. My buddy got us tickets to the game, and we also got access to a suite where we met up with more friends, members of his family and new acquaintances. To my complete and everyone’s shock, the suite also had Tommy Lasorda as a guest.

Obviously, a total thrill. One thing – he loves kids and knows when to turn ‘it’ on. When Lasorda gets active and going, chatting about the Dodgers, baseball and life — he gets going. I really didn’t get to talk him much, since he was with some associates, and seemed to want to have his ‘space’ at times.

After a while, he just became another person a suite. I forgot he was the ‘Tommy Lasorda’, but a celeb in a room who was like everyone else. He pretty much stayed from beginning to end, and spent a lot of time talking with the various people in booth, especially my friend’s nephew and niece.

Oh yes, the Giants won in extra innings — I don’t even remember the score, but it was an awesome night had by all.

R.A. Dickey of the Mets and veteran knuckerballer Charlie Hough. It’s funny, I didn’t even recognize Hough when I took the picture, but I am glad that I found out who the other subject in the picture was.

Inside Citi Field’s Delta Club

I have no idea who this dude was, but he was imitating Hulk Hogan all night. Well, he might be delusional — or not — but he got everyone’s attention. He had some awesome seats and was flexing, posing, and what not in front of everyone. People were walking up to him and taking pictures, posing with him and chatting.

The legendary Tommy Losorda

A parting gift from Tommy Lasorda.