Baltimore May Not Be The Destination For Teixeira..

I don’t care where Teixeira goes right now; therefore, if he comes to Baltimore, I would be pleased, but not overjoyed after what I have seen the past few weeks. If he chooses Boston or New York, he’s nothing more than a money-grubbing mercenary.

According to a sobering report posted to the Baltimore Sun, it looks like the Orioles may be without their hometown boy unless there’s a miracle or there’s something we don’t know.

From the Baltimore Sun: Not wanting to get into a bidding war they knew they wouldn’t win, the Orioles’ hope all along was that Teixeira, who grew up in Severna Park, wanted to come home and become the face of a franchise that he grew up cheering for. If that indeed was the case and Teixeira had stated an interest in playing for the Orioles several times. Team officials expected Boras to get back to them with an idea of what it was going to take to make it happen.

Boras and MacPhail have had several conversations since the seven-year contract offer between $140 and $150 million was made to Teixeira at baseball’s winter meetings, but there has been very little movement in the negotiations. The Orioles, as of yesterday, had not upped their offer, and with Teixeira reportedly set to make his decision today, it’s becoming more and more clear that the Orioles will be also-rans in the sweepstakes.

Sorry, I think he’s headed to Boston, and if there’s a dark horse in the whole saga — it’s Washington.

Perhaps the Orioles didn’t try hard enough or up their offer if they don’t win; however, I figured all along he’d go to a winner, and a place where he could also be set financially.

That place is Boston, and boy do they have some shrewd business men up there. I do feel a little bad for Mike Lowell — assuming this all happens — as he took a less than market value (favoring the team) to remain with the Red Sox. Yes, he did expand his horizons and test out the market after the ’07 World Series — however, he did stay loyal to the organization and now will face the fate that many have had before.