Balfour In, Balfour Out…

Well, the offseason has not been going great for the Orioles. Why does it seem the more things change, the more they stay the same?

This week, the Orioles though they found their new closer in Grant Balfour. However, they scoured over his medical records and found an issue with his shoulder during a physical.

Considering the rumors of how stringent the franchise has been with their medical exams over the past decade plus, it’s no surprise that they would balk at a deal if a problem was found.

Balfour says he is healthy and two other doctors believe he is also; however, the Orioles find him to be huge risk considering the years and money involved. That being said, the Orioles are still looking for a closer and Balfour is upset at the deal falling apart, but should land somewhere else.

If the Orioles didn’t want to go through with things because they found Balfour to have a legitimate injury, it’s their choice. I just hope this incident does not come back to bit them.

This whole thing has just gotten so bizarre and a bit ugly – from Balfour’s side.

The Orioles have a feeler out on Fernando Rodney – probably the best option out there – and Francisco Rodriguez. As well, they have checked on Philadelphia’s Jonathan Papelbon.

It’s been rather frustrating watching the Orioles operate during this offseason; however, we can only hope that things are looking up from here.

Then again, with what is going on Baltimore, why would anyone want to sign with the Orioles?

The Orioles are at a crossroads right now. Something has to happen.